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May 2008



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May. 13th, 2008


up coming

197. Sarah Jessica Parker, Andrew Marr, Anthony Head, Yazoo.
First aired: 5/16/2008
A mixed bag of guests this week: author and broadcaster Andrew Marr; actress Sarah Jessica Parker and actor Anthony Head. So not that mixed after all...

Brilliantly, this week's band is Yazoo (or Yaz, if you are American and have difficulty with syllables).

198. Ray Winstone, The Osmonds, Neil Diamond.
First aired: 5/23/2008
Chirpy Cockney geezer, Ray Winstone, does the Lambeth walk into the studio to discuss jellied eels, Doodlebugs and boxing grannies from the east end. Gawd bless 'em. Actually, he'll probably talk about a new film or something... The Osmonds - all 9 of them, give their first British interview in 25 years. 9 Osmonds - that's 288 teeth. Seems like a lot more... Music to please your Mum - and mine, from golden-tonsilled Neil Diamond.

199. John Barrowman, Kirsty Young, Mark Wahlberg, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Black Kids.
First aired: 5/30/2008
The ubiquitous John Barrowman returns to talk about his favourite Nancy (you can add your own punchline). Music from Black Kids, whose début song title takes longer to say than it takes to sing.

Apr. 13th, 2008



Ha today i was watching TV's Funniest Music Moments on ITV1 and they were talking about An Audience with the Spice Girls which introduced the Spice Boys! Jonathan Ross is dancing around in a bright pink tutu as Baby spice in like 1997 it made me laugh so hard i was like whatttt legs much too the tutu was like tiny. I really want to find a picture of this.

I can't seem to find the video of the clip i just saw on tv but i've found part of the show with Jonathan in he looks so lost bless him it actually makes me laugh look part one:

Part two:

part three:

unfortuanty i can't seem to find the actual one of them dancing. i shall look more later.

Mar. 11th, 2008


(no subject)

Bummer - JR isn't on next week because of sports relief!

Feb. 24th, 2008


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This well makes me laugh found it on embrassing photos thing on AOL celebs.
How adorable:P
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Next episode:

Keeley Hawes, The Rock, Gillian McKeith, Goldfrapp.

This week's guests: Keeley Hawes, who is currently being chased around by a sinister clown in Ashes to Ashes; The Rock, who is promoting 'The Game Plan': a sugary sweet film which could rot your teeth just by watching it and Gillian McKeith, who pokes around in peoples' faeces for reasons best known to herself.

Airs: Friday February 29, 2008


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Hello welcome to the community deadicated to Jonathan Ross [Entertainer/Presenter/Cool Bloke]
Please post anything abut JR.